Focus on civil law and business law

The professional concentration on legal areas of civil and business law qualifies the law firm to an expeditious and focused treatment of your legal matters with economic understanding.

  • For legal questions of economic operators like companies, institutions and organizations the law firm develops tailor-made solutions and advises and represents the clients in consideration of their economic interests, if required permanently and by undertaking the juridical tasks of an external legal department. The legal services and practice comprise small or medium-sized enterprises and groups of companies in sectors like tool industry, consumer goods, printing, paper and packaging industry, chemicals and plastics, information technology (IT), commerce, real estate industry, handicraft, health industry, medical products, transport and logistics, agriculture, metal and lightweight construction, automotive, electrical and mechanical engineering.
  • Private persons receive profound legal advice and an active legal representation in their personal legal matters and contractual relationships in civil law. In relation to private involvements like foundation or association activities or in case of a corporate participation, the law firm offers clients a comprehensive support in the legal fields of corporate law, data protection law and employment law.

The legal advice contains in particular the clarification of potential juridical risks in contractual agreements. The service encloses the juridical optimization of existing contracts as well as the safe and economically meaningful drafting of new contracts with consideration of the current legal situation.

For specific legal issues you receive promptly substantial and practically oriented solution proposals and tailor-made action recommendations, taking into account your business objectives and financial interests, on request by ongoing counselling.

For the enforcement of your legal claims or for the defense against unjustified claims of third parties, you receive support for an out-of-court settlement. That contains the early clarification of litigation risks and the exhaustion of cost-efficient extrajudicial solutions by negotiation. The extrajudicial correspondence can for your comfort be performed entirely by the lawyer.

In the case of inevitable legal proceedings or arbitral procedures you can count on a strategic versed representation. This encompasses the conduct of aim-oriented settlement negotiations in your sense under consideration of your economic interests.

If required a mediation can be conducted. In this procedure the mediator as neutral third party supports the conflicting parties in the solution of their dispute without own judicial decisive competence.

A mediation is voluntary and takes place private in confidential frame. It can lead to an amicable comparatively extrajudicial settlement in the short term.

The lawfirm supports entrepreneurs by legal advice especially with regard to the choice of the appropriate legal form of the company and to the directors´ and shareholders´ rights and obligations. In addition, startups receive legal support for their contracts, e.g. by examination and draft of purchase contracts, service agreements or general terms and conditions, if required for cross-border business, with translation in english.

The legal services can directly be provided flexibly in English for the optimization of your cross-border trade. That contains in context of international supply relationships the legal analysis, conception or modification of contracts, the endering of legal opinions or the formulation of legal statements towards foreign business partners.

Good relations to tax consultants and accountants complement the legal counselling in terms of relevant tax questions.

A coordinated communication management system ensures fast responses to your legal issues.

Current databases support the examination of the legal situation according to the latest state.

The juridical lecture series WUPPRENEUR deals solely with special topics in business law. The lectures relate to legal developments and business-relevant issues in selected areas of law.

Each event lasts approximately 45 – 90 minutes and shall provide the entrepreneurship in and around the city of Wuppertal an insight into safe legal practice and as well shall impart a current state of legal information in a concentrated form.