Range of legal services

The law firm offers comprehensive legal consulting with regard to the establishment, implementation and termination of contractual relationships and to contractual rights and obligations. In addition, it provides draft contracts and the legal review of model contracts and individual contracts. Furthermore, it asserts or wards off contractual warranty or liability claims by legal representation in litigation proceedings or in extrajudicial negotiations.

The legal services include:

  • Sales contract, service contract, contract for labour and materials, contract for consumer goods
  • Service agreement, project contract, order, donation agreement, contract of loan
  • Defects of title or material, reduction, rectification, replacement, approval, guarantee
  • Damage claims, contractual penalty
  • Supplier regress
  • Default of payment, default of delivery, default of acceptance
  • Dunning procedure, out-of-court-reminder
  • Limitation law
  • Right of claims, debt collection
  • Security of receivables, entrepreneurial lien, retention of title, surety, letter of comfort, joint liability
  • Contract termination, legal challenge, cancellation, withdrawal, reversal, revocation
  • Joint and several liability, recourse
  • Proxy, power of attorney, liability of representatives, limitation of actual authority
  • Preliminary agreement, letter of intent (LOI)
  • General terms and conditions (GTA)
  • Quality assurance agreement (QAA)
  • Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
  • Cooperation agreement, framework agreement
  • Mediation of contractual disputes

Legal services in corporate law:

In corporate law, the law firm offers legal advice regarding claims and fundaments of the incorporation, implementation and cessation of private companies, commercial partnerships and incorporate companies. Furthermore, you receive legal support for the review and design of corporate agreements and statements. In addition, the law firm legally represents you in judicial proceedings and in extrajudicial negotiations to assert or ward off corporate claims and interests.

The legal services include:

  • Law of the OHG, GbR, GmbH, UG, KG, GmbH & Co. KG, AG
  • Legal draft and review of partnership agreements, shareholder´s agreement, procedural rules, articles of incorporation, company statutes
  • Formation of companies, choice and change of legal forms, liability limitations by company name
  • Appointment, exchange, termination and dismissal of executive bodies
  • Rights and duties of executive bodies, members of executive boards, supervisory boards, advisory boards, directors
  • Liability of companies and executive bodies, corporate compliance
  • Organisation and conduct of shareholder meetings
  • Capital measures
  • Change shareholders and members, transfer of shares, accession and withdrawal of shareholders
  • Severance package of withdrawing shareholders
  • Termination of partnerships and corporations, liquidation, dismissal
  • Law of clubs, charitable organisations and associations, establishment of foundations, cooperative society, law of non-profit status
  • Legal consulting of start-ups, entrepreneurs, spin-offs
  • Legal succession
  • Mediation of corporate conflicts and shareholder disputes

Legal services in commercial law:

The law firm offers in commercial law the legal drafting and review of commercial contracts and agreements of merchants and provides legal advice for the establishment, implementation and termination of commercial relationships under special consideration of the German commercial code (HGB). Furthermore, it supports the assertion or defense of commercial claims and interests by legal representation in litigation proceedings and extrajudicial negotiations.

The legal services include:

  • Commercial transactions, commercial sales and purchasing contracts
  • Commercial letter of confirmation
  • Storage contract, shipping contract, commission business, logistics agreement, forwarding contract, transport contract, apportioned contract
  • Distribution law, distributor agreement, commercial agent contract
  • Right to commission, claim for compensation of sales agents
  • General subscription and delivery conditions
  • Power of procuration, general power, commercial power of attorney
  • Law of the trading company, corporate name, corporate succession, participation, transfer of rights and assets, change of the legal form
  • Law of the commercial register, review of register entry and excerpt
  • Mediation of commercial conflicts

Legal services in international business law:

The fast changes of legal frameworks in the national, European and global trade challenge in particular economic players like manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, importers or quasi-manufacturers. The law firm offers to persons and companies involved in supply chains comprehensive legal consulting and representation in international business law and the design and review of international purchase and supply contracts. If required, draft treaties and legal correspondence can be provided in English or can receive such a translation.

The legal services include:

  • Legal review of the applicable law in cross-border civil and commercial matters.
  • European law, European contract law (ROME-Regulations)
  • European dunning procedures
  • Foreign business law, foreign trade law, customs law, supplier declaration, law of origin of goods, preference law
  • UN-Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG)
  • Review and draft of general terms for the import and export of goods
  • Trade terms, Incoterms® by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
  • Mediation of conflicts in commercial and business law

Legal services in product law:

The law firm offers to persons involved in the production and the sale of goods like manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, importers and quasi-manufacturers legal advice and representation regarding product related rights, duties and liability claims. Furthermore, it supports the legal enforcement and defense against legal claims of third parties and within supplier chains.

The legal services include:

  • Product safety law
  • Product label, manufacturer specifications, GS-Label, CE-label, conformity procedure
  • Product liability according to the German product liability law.
  • Tortious liability
  • Product liability for IT-products, standard software, customized software
  • Reporting obligation, product declaration, product recall, product warning
  • Competition law
  • Mediation of conflicts related to products, production and supplier chains

In commercial real estate and tenancy law, the law firm legally supports the negotiation, establishment, implementation and termination of real estate relationships and also offers the legal arrangement and review of real estate contracts in particular for business premises like offices, storage areas, salesrooms, commercial halls or forestry and agricultural areas. Furthermore, the law firm represents you legally in litigation proceedings or in extrajudicial negotiations for the legal assertion or defense of legal real estate-related interests and claims.

The legal services include:

  • Commercial real estate law, tenancy law, usage rights, purchase right
  • Tenancy law for commercial objects, areas and land, leasehold law, agricultural usufruct law
  • Commercial leasing, lending and rentals of vehicles, machines, devices
  • Entry, change and resign of landlords or tenants, sublease agreement
  • Usage rights, usufruct, easements, heritage building rights, rights of way
  • Defective performances in ownership or tenancy relations, default of payment, default action, withdrawal, damage claims
  • Termination of tenancy agreements, termination agreement
  • Law of real estate agents
  • Renovation, remedy deficiency, decorative repairs, maintenance, return, eviction
  • Legal lean of renter and landlords
  • Pre-emptive rights, termination for home requirement, contract joining and transfer
  • Mediation of conflicts related to real estates

Legal services in labour law:

In labour law, the law firm offers legal support for the establishment, implementation and termination of employment relationships and provides drafts and reviews of employment contracts and statements. In addition, it represents you legally in litigation procedures and extrajudicial negotiations to assert or ward off your judicial service or employment interests.
Furthermore, the law firm legally advises you with regard to the implementation of prospective working environments like work 4.0, which might challenge employers due to the progressing digitalization of work processes, new forms and methods of work and flexible working models within the scope of “New Work”.

The legal services include:

  • Individual and collective labour law
  • Service and employment contracts for managers and company organs, managing director employment contract, management contract
  • Law of employment and service contracts, freelance, marginal employment
  • Legal design of remuneration like bonus, commission, royalties
  • Legal consulting in collective agreements, works council agreement, law of social plans, reconciliation of interests, co-determination rights
  • Legal design of working time models, temporary employment, part-time work
  • Operating changes
  • Disciplinary actions for defaults of working performance, warning
  • Termination of employment relationships, law of dismissal protection, termination agreement, severance pay law, exemption
  • Legal framework for new employment models like new work, home-office, BYOD
  • Operational data protection law, applicant and employee privacy protection
  • Vacation law, vacation compensation, vacation expiry
  • Mediation of employment conflicts and intra-company conflicts

Legal services in data protection law:

The law firm offers legal support for the implementation of legal requirements in data protection law, in particular of the EU-General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or national regulations as the Federal Data Protection Act. The legal services include the legal design, review, update and amendment of data protection contracts, documentary or forms, and legal counseling regarding the data protection rights of data subjects.
Furthermore, the law firm offers legal advice with regard to legal frameworks of increasing digitalization within the scope of industry 4.0, in particular concerning the installation of digital processes and the implementation of new technologies in organizations and productions that are relevant to data security.

The legal services include:

  • Data protection contracts, unilateral consent, records of processing activities, confidentiality agreements, privacy statements
  • Data processing contract, rights, duties and liability of data processors
  • Legal treatment of special categories of data, protection of sensitive data, protection of data concerning health
  • Assignment, rights, duties and liability of data protection officers
  • Data protection related to videos and pictures
  • Operating data protection, data protection of employees and applicants
  • Company policy for data protection
  • International data processing
  • Regulatory requirements for data security and cyber security
  • Data protection-compliance for enterprises
  • Legal consulting concerning data protection obligations like accountability, information duties, reporting obligation, disclosure obligation towards data subjects and authorities
  • Mediation of conflicts in data protection law

In inheritance law, the law firm offers legal consulting and drafts with regard to testamentary dispositions and agreements, the reviews of legal claims and legal representation of heirs in litigation proceedings and in extrajudicial negotiations.

The legal services include:

  • Testamentary disposition, last will, inheritance contract, legacy, intestate and testamentary succession
  • Certificate of inheritance, right to information, heritage liability, estate liability, digital estate
  • Compulsory portion, compulsory portion claims
  • Rights, duties and liability of co-heirs, rights of joint heirs, separation of estate, equalization claim
  • Execution of last will, estate administration, rights and liability of executors
  • Patient decree, power of attorney
  • Corporate succession
  • Mediation of disputes related to inheritances