Range of legal services

Legal services in contract law:

  • Legal review, design and negotiation of civil contracts like purchase agreements, contracts for work, service and cooperation agreements
  • Legal analysis of claims in case of performance malfunction, defect liability
  • Enforcement and defense of contractual claims
  • Rights and obligations in case of contractual termination
  • Legal examination, draft and negotiation of business-related agreements like master agreements, letter of intent, non-disclosure and quality assurance agreements, general terms and conditions
  • Commercial mediation

Legal services in corporate law:

  • Establishment of partnerships, commercial partnerships and corporations
  • Choice and change of the legal form
  • Legal review and design of articles of incorporation and shareholder agreements
  • Legal advice regarding the appointment or dismissal of company bodies
  • Legal consultancy concerning the rights, obligations and liability of company organs
  • Implementation and organization of the meeting of shareholders
  • Legal advice regarding the entry and withdrawal of shareholders
  • Claims and obligations resulting from the termination of the company
  • Arrangements on legal succession
  • Commercial mediation of shareholder conflicts

Legal services in commercial law:

  • Legal review, design and negations of distribution contracts
  • Claims for distribution commission and compensation
  • Right of trading companies
  • Legal advice regarding the continuation of firms and the change of name
  • Rights and obligations in commercial transactions
  • Draft of commercial proxies
  • Commercial Mediation

Legal services in product law:

  • Legal consultancy in product safety law
  • Legal advice with regard to product labeling and certification
  • Product liability and civil liability of manufacturers, suppliers and traders
  • Legal advice in competition law
  • Commercial Mediation

Legal services in international business law:

  • Legal review, design and negotiation of cross-border contracts
  • Determination of the applicable law in the European and international trade in goods
  • Legal examination of indications of origin
  • Review of the UN-Convention on International Sale of Goods (CISG)
  • Customs and foreign trade law, export conditions (incoterms)
  • Legal translation, negotiation and correspondence in English
  • Commercial Mediation

Legal services in commercial real estate law:

  • Review, design and negotiation of commercial real estate contracts like
  • commercial premises rent, leasing and lease agreements
  • Legal advice concerning tenant change and legal succession
  • Legal claims regarding service defaults, liability for defects
  • Rights and obligations in case of contract termination
  • Commercial Mediation

Legal services in labour law:

  • Legal review and design of employment contracts and project agreements
  • Employment contracts for corporate representatives
  • Legal consultancy with respect to performance-related remuneration models
  • Rights in case of performance defects in employment relationships
  • Legal advice for enterprises with regard to the termination of employment contracts

Legal services in data protection law:

  • Legal review and draft of data protection related contracts and statements such as consents, privacy notices, forms and records of processing activities
  • Legal consulting relating to rights and duties in data protection law, the relevant privacy regulations and essential implementation measures for enterprises and associations
  • Legal advice of processors relating to their rights and duties, review and draft of processor contracts
  • Legal consultancy of employers with regard to employee data protection

Legal services in inheritance law:

  • Legal advice regarding testamentary dispositions and anticipated succession
  • Rights and obligations of heirs after succession
  • Legal review and enforcement of inheritance claims
  • Rights and claims of co-heirs in community of heirs
  • Legal consultancy with regard to the execution of will and estate administration
  • Legal draft of living will and health care proxy
  • Development of legal regulations regarding corporate succession
  • Mediation of inheritance disputes